Depeche Mode - Violator

This is my second review on an album. This album will be about Depeche Mode's album, Violator.


The album was released on 19 March 1990, and it would be the first out of the three albums that Depeche Mode will release in the 90s. I think that this album, along with a few other successful albums and hits, may have sparked a real high for the band. It seems to be a lot different than its predecessors and a great start for the 90s with this band.

Let's start off with the best stuff. The first track, "World in My Hands", is a great kick-start to the album. It lets you know what you are expecting—you are expecting a great synthpop album. It starts off with an upbeat and then follows with a slow song, Sweetest Perfection, which has Martin Gore on vocals. The album spawned off three or four fan favorites—"Enjoy the Silence", "Personal Jesus" (which would be later covered by Marilyn Manson on Lest We Forget: The Best Of in 2004), "Policy of Truth", and maybe "Halo". Because of these songs, the band has gained more fanbase. Another great thing that every song is just musically and lyrically great. Martin Gore, you are great at music in general when you're behind the wheel. If you love synthpop, then this would be a great album for you to listen.

Although the album is great, there is only one con to it. Its live performances. The band doesn't play some songs that deserve to played, like "World in My Eyes" or "Waiting for the Night". They are played, but they don't play these songs for a very long time—the only songs that's played a lot is "Enjoy the Silence", "Personal Jesus", and "Policy of Truth".

But each track is wonderful and has its magic. It'll take you someplace deep in the mind where you won't regret it.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease