Introducing now a song that almost no one knows but that is quite decent: "Sundown" by VHS Head.

VHS Head - Sundown02:01

VHS Head - Sundown


I adore this kind of music. It reminds me a lot of those sci-fi 80s movies with those synths in the soundtrack, like the first Terminator movie. Two other good examples are The Warriors and Zombi 2, both of which are from 1979.

Anyways, let me talk about the song. Yeah, it's pretty much a quick trip back to the 80s. It's a decent, short song. I don't have much to say about it except that the artist did well on making it sound like an intro for a classic sci-fi movie with lasers and futuristic cars.

However, if you really want a big ass trip back to the 80s, I recommend listening to Perturbator, Mega Drive, Scattle, Trevor Something and other great artists.

Here's a channel dedicated just to this kind of music. It is so much better than the shit we have playing all around us these days and I hope that this genre never goes mainstream, because anything that goes mainstream gets ruined quickly.

Inb4 I get called a hipster as well.

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