Author's note: On Monstercat, songs that are labeled as "Electronic" (Formerly "EDM") are songs that cannot fit into any of the genre colours that the label has to offer. However, some songs that are given this colour can be labeled a genre further down the road or can even be given its own genre colour (Or "color" for you Americans). If you haven't read any previous entries in this series, you may have missed that some of the songs in some of the previous lists are given a gray colour, but are a part of that specific genre, meaning that they were released before Monstercat introduced the genre colour for it. With that being said, those songs will not be included in this list.

Top 20 Electronic Songs [Monstercat Edition] (Picked by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY/Simba)

20. Stephen Walking - Some Kinda Wizard (5:10)

19. Mr FijiWiji - Cynical (feat. CoMa) (6:30)

18. TwoThirds - Daydreamer (feat. Bijou) (4:30)

17. Direct - Lonely Soul (5:40)

16. Stephen Walking - The Difference Between Us And The Aliens (4:50)

15. Varien - Valkyrie II: Lacuna (feat. Cassandra Kay) (5:01)

14. Haywyre - Insight (3:43)

13. Direct & Labisch - Make A Move (feat. Openwater) (3:27)

12. Karma Fields - Build The Cities (feat. Kerli) (3:44)

11. Rootkit - Carry Me Away (4:11)

10. Feint - Phosphor (feat. Miyoki) (3:18)

9. Pegboard Nerds - Bassline Kickin (3:57)

8. Timmy Trumpet & SCNDL - Bleed (4:48)

7. Tut Tut Child - Power Fracture (3:24)

6. Varien - Morphine (5:32)

5. SCNDL - The Munsta (4:09)

4. Haywyre - Everchanging (5:02)

3. Mr FijiWiji - Yours Truly (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (4:42)

2. DotEXE - Battle Cry (3:37)

1. PIXL - Rat Twist (4:00)

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List by your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands

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