Canadian artist Leandre "Leo" Bearbes, better known as Tristam, is one of the most popular artists under the Monstercat label, alongside the Pegboard Nerds. Although he has been releasing songs on YouTube since August 2011, it wasn't until November of that same year when he got his start on Monstercat with "Party For the Living" (Monstercat 004 - Identity). However, it was his second track on the label, "Follow Me" (Monstercat 005 - Evolution), that got him on the radar of everyone. Ever since, he has been on an relentless imperial march of popularity. I will now being counting down my personal favourite songs from Tristam. I am only including original songs that he has created, so do not expect any remixes.

Top 10 Tristam Songs (Picked by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY/Simba)

10. Who We Are (4:34)

9. ReWel (feat. Rogue) (3:47)

8. Far Away (feat. Braken) (4:30)

7. Undercat (feat. Zealot) (4:07)

6. My Idea (3:05)

5. Ghosts In The Dark (4:20)

4. Truth (5:15)

3. I Remember (3:57)

2. Too Simple (feat. Stephen Walking) (4:31)

1. Once Again (3:42)

Honourable Mentions

Chairs (3:38)

Talent Goes By (4:10)

Till It's Over (4:30)

Flight (feat. Braken) (3:39)

My Friend (4:25)

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List by your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands