The band. (From L-R: Peredur ap Gwynedd, Ben Mount, Paul Harding, Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, Kevin "KJ" Sawka)

Pendulum is an Australian/British drum and bass group founded in 2002. The group was notable for a distinctive sound, mixing hard rock with electronic music, and developing to cover a wider range of genres. (Wikipedia)

So, I get a lot of a questions asking what my 10 favourite songs are from my favourite band, Pendulum. I will go down my list, and I will also give some honourable mentions at the bottom. There is also three more things that I need to point out before I begin.

First, I have provided with the format that I will be using when I list the songs.

Second, I will also provide a link to the songs on YouTube just in case anyone reading wants to have a listen.

And lastly, I have disqualified remixes that Pendulum has done and any remix that anyone has done of Pendulum.

Format: Song title (Album, Release year)

Top 10 Pendulum Songs (Picked by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY/Simba)

10. Different (5:51) (In Silico, 2008)

9. The Terminal (5:42) (Hold Your Colour, 2005)

8. Blood Sugar (4:59) (Hold Your Colour, 2007 reissue)

7. Visions (5:36) (In Silico, 2008)

6. Crush (4:14) (Immersion, 2010)

5. Witchcraft (4:15) (Immersion, 2010)

4. Hold Your Colour (5:28) (Hold Your Colour, 2005)

3. Propane Nightmares (5:13) (In Silico, 2008)

2. Granite (4:41) (In Silico, 2008)

1 (tie). The Tempest (7:27) (In Silico, 2008) and Watercolour (5:05) (Immersion, 2010)

Honourable Mentions

Ransom (5:54) (Non-album single, 2011)

Vault (7:11) (Kingz of the Rollers EP, Vol. 3, 2003)

Another Planet (7:38) (Hold Your Colour, 2005)

Mutiny (5:09) (In Silico, 2008)

Salt in the Wounds (6:39) (Immersion, 2010)

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