Rick Buijtenhek and Roland Evers, better known as the Bass Modulators, are a hardstyle production duo based out of Haarlem, The Netherlands. While both men are friends since high school, they got their start by producing trance and hard trance and started transitioning towards producing hardstyle. Roland started producing hardstyle first and once Rick started producing it, a collaboration was born. Today, they have become one of the most well-known artists under the popular Dutch hardstyle label Scantraxx Records.

Top 10 Bass Modulators Songs (Picked by G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY/Simba)

10. Radiance (6:05)

9. Faster 'n' Further (Remix of Noisecontrollers) (5:14)

8. Rocked Up (feat. Noisecontrollers) (5:32)

7. Let Me See Ya (5:50)

6. Oxygen (3:57)

5. Leave The World (5:49)

4. Monsoon (feat. Laila Reeves) (6:13)

3. Save The Day (feat. Vice) (4:30)

2. Anthem of Summer (6:09)

1. Bounce & Break (Atmozfears Remix) (4:56)

List by your friendly neighbourhood lion from the Pride Lands