MEGADETH-Time the beginning

MEGADETH-Time the beginning

Father time, I'm running late I'm winding down, I'm growing tired...

Well, let's talk about the song. The song, Time: The Beginning, is the 11th track off of Megadeth's 8th album, Risk. For the record, I would say that this would be the second best song off the album.

Let's go to the background of their 8th album. Risk was released in 1999. It was the first album to have Jimmy Degrasso on drums and the last to have Marty Friedman on guitar. The album would be considered their worst album, because it was a start to get away from their original edge for the next two albums.

I know the song isn't really considered a "Megadeth" song, but it's a good song from the album. It has good lyrics about a person losing time. The music, slow and sad, actually flows very well with lyrics and melodies. The music is calming, too. I think out of all their songs, this would be the calmest of their songs.

Well, I know that it isn't much, but that's it. I hope you give this song a good listen.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease