220px-Megadeth - The System Has Failed

I know a lot of people will look over this, but I feel like doing this out of pure boredom. This is the first review of an album and the album is The System Has Failed by Megadeth.


This album was released in 2004, after Dave Mustaine (the band leader) recovered from his hand disease that he had. It was the first album to not include Dave Ellefson on bass. It was also the first, and only, album to have session musicians—Jimmie Lee Sloas on bass; Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, and Chris Poland on guitar (who has appeared on the band's first two albums as an actual member).


Let's start off with the cons of this album. While listening to the album, I find that there is some waste of talent. There are two tracks that could've been taken another milestone if Dave put the effort to "I Know Jack" and "Shadow of Deth" (the two tracks). While looking through other reviews (mainly Wikipedia); I agree that Dave hiring session musicians was a bad idea. What I mean by this is not really terrible for the album, but it is terrible for the impact of the band. Minus Ellefson, it would've been the perfect band to see live. All members had talent. If you put Ellefson in the live band, it would've been like old times for the band—minus Gar Samuelson, who died in the late 90s of cancer. To be honest, I think that lineup was better than Dave's "Golden band" from 2010-2014. One more con is that most of the bass tracks cannot be heard via iPod Classic. It may be heard through a regular car radio, but it's not heard through an iPod.

Now onto the pros. I know I'm going out-of-reach here, but I think that this would be considered Megadeth's greatest album of the 2000s and a wonderful comeback from Dave. Let's start off with the music. First, the vocals. The vocals aren't compared to Dave's high voice like in the 90s, but they're pretty nice to listen to with the melodies he wrote. Listening to the melody of each song is like listening to a sweet angel murdering someone (that's good in metal, by the way). As for the background music, I say that Dave Mustaine went all out in his ability to write music. Most of the songs, other than the one's mentioned earlier, are awesome.

If I have to give a rating for this album; I would give this album a 9.4/10.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease