"Voice acting is the art of doing voice-overs or providing voices for animated characters in various works, including feature films, dubbed foreign language films, animated short films, television programs, commercials, radio or audio dramas, comedy, video games, puppet shows, and amusement rides." - Wikipedia

Yes, that's right. Voice acting. This isn't just changing your voice. This is Voice Acting. That means you have to be able to act as the character would while still doing their voice. I just plan on showing you a list of people I voice act, coupled with a tiny bit about them. If you would like to hear them, let me know. Maybe we can hop in Skype, or I can get some way of sending them to you. I might make some showcase voice samples and post them up here.

(Note - I am still working on a few of them. I will let you know)


John Egbert (Homestuck)

Tavros Nitram (Homestuck)

Equius Zahhak (Homestuck)

Gamzee Makara (Homestuck)

Rufioh Nitram (Homestuck)

Horuss Zahhak (Homestuck)

Cronus Ampora (Homestuck)

Summoner Nitram (Homestuck)

Expatriate Darkleer Zahhak (Homestuck)

Grand Highblood Makara (Homestuck)

Orphaner Dualscar Ampora (Homestuck)

Nappa (Dragonball Z)

Greed (The Binding of Isaac)

Sloth (The Binding of Isaac)

Wrath (The Binding of Isaac)

Envy (The Binding of Isaac)

Pride (The Binding of Isaac)

Gluttony (The Bindong of Isaac)


John Egbert (Complete)

John is a bit naive. He has a higher voice and his the way he speaks makes him sound rather clueless half the time. He really is smart, he just asks dumb questions.

Tavros Nitram (Complete)

Tavros really needs confidence. He has a lot of self esteem issues. He has zero confidence in any choice he ever makes and he doesn’t believe in himself. He has an extremely high, slightly nasally voice. He says ‘uh’ a lot, and he sounds like he’s asking a question a lot.

Equius Zahhak (Complete)

Equius has a very low, whispery, creepy voice. He has a bit of a stutter, and he’s very breathy. He enunciates his words as if he’s trying not to slip up. Like he’s holding back rage. He yells the word ‘STRONG’ as if he’s trying to say is in the STRONGest way possible. Because he is. In fact. Very strong.

Gamzee Makara (Complete)

Gamzee is very laid back (When he’s not sober). His voice is a mix between a 70’s DJ and a Southern Preacher. It also has a lot of gravel and scratchiness to it. When Gamzee is sober, he flies into a rage every other sentence. This results in him using the strong empowered southern preacher in him.

Rufioh Nitram (In Progress?)

Rufioh is very laid back and ‘chill’. He really tries not to offend anyone and he remains distant from conflict. One of the ways he does this is by somehow swinging the conversation back to himself and his problems. Also, censoring cursing like “Sh*t, F*ck, D*mn”. He has a higher voice and he has a bit of a beachbum sounding tone.

Horuss Zahhak (Complete)

Horuss is super creepy. Like dang. He has a really nasally, nerdy voice. IT’s kinda deep too. He gets quite excited around things that are rather “Lewd”. He loves horses and giggles around lewd things.

Cronus Ampora (In Progress)

Cronus is SUCH a huge flirt. Like ugh. No dude. He has a Brooklyn accent like “Aye, how you doin’?”. He tries to be very confident on the outside which usually disgusts the people he ‘courts’.

Summoner Nitram (Complete)

Summoner is soooo confident. He has no doubts about himself and he’s not afraid to say it. He tends to call people younger than himself “Lad” or “Lass”. He has a barely higher, airy, scratchy voice. He can be condescending at times.

Expatriate Darkleer Zahhak (In Progress)

Darkleer is really kinda creepy. He has a high, dracula-esque voice. He gets excited really easy and tries to butt his way in to see what’s going on.

Grand Highblood Makara [GHB] (Complete)

GHB is very confident. He looks down on everyone and is a ruthless torturer and killer. He has a deep, monstrous, booming voice. It terrifies many and is very scratchy. He looks down on humans more than anyone else and tends to make fun of them. He tends to be proud of being “THE GRAND HIGHBLOOD, SUBJUGGULATOR OF ALL”.

Orphaner Dualscar Ampora (Complete)

Dualscar is also too confident. He flirts just as much as Cronus and is even more of a jerk. He tends to make fun of Mindfang a lot and laughs like an idiot. He has the old James Bond 007 voice. He’s just ew.

Nappa (In Progress)

Yeah, so Nappa is my newest buddy. I don't really know what to do with him. Of course I try and sound like the actor from the show, but I'm not too close yet.

Greed (In Progress)

Embodiment of one of the 7 deadly sins. Basically a greedy asshole. Probably gonna have a slightly deep voice.

Sloth (In Progress)

Another sin. Definitely gonna be lazy. His voice will definitely have a bit of a drawl to it, probably a bit breathy.

Wrath (In Progress)

Still with the sins. I'm not sure where to take him. I'm thinking either humorously high pitched and angry, or violently loud. He's gonna be a jerk either way.

Envy (In Progress)

(Sin) Gonna have a relatively normal voice, but he is gonna speak through gritted, envious teeth. Definitely gonna be fake nice to people and hide how he feels.

Pride (In Progress)

(Sin) I'm seriously thinking about giving him a bit of a foreign accent with his "I am the best" attitude.

Gluttony (In Progress)

(Sin) I'm excited on where I want to go with him. He's gonna be breathy like sloth, but he's also gonna slur his words and have that sound like he's really really full, or his mouth is filled or something. Always hungry though.

List by Spicy Squirrelz