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Author's note: If you didn't take the time and read the first part of this 3 part trilogy, which in turn is a part of this series, I highly recommend reading it before continuing.

Summary: I think we're getting somewhere here. Wait, we're getting nowhere.


So, five months of work after the release of the 100% Modern Talking EP has lead to this? Rage Valley EP is Knife Party's sophomore effort, which was released worldwide on 27 May 2012. Despite this EP having a more superior album art when compared to the 100% No Modern Talking EP, it does not mean that it will have superior music. I could be right, but I could also be wrong. To find out, let's get started in breaking down this EP.


1. Rage Valley (4:59) - You hear the gunshot that starts this entire EP? Yeah, that was my mind after hearing the horrendous tracks that I pointed out in my last two reviews on Knife Party. The intro is fast-paced, which I do enjoy, but they should have kept this same mood throughout the entire track instead of condensing that intro to just a minute. After a pre-chorus build up, we are then treated to one of the most hastily-made drops that I have ever heard in any dubstep or electro house track. Although I can see where I can enjoy the drop, there's not much good to come out of it. After the drop, we are treated to a bridge that sounds like an unused excerpt of a song that belong in the film TRON: Legacy (Not a bad touch). After that, we are treated to that fucking drop again. Fuck. Me. I'm not going on further than that.

2. Centipede (4:06) - Oh I'm sorry. I thought I was listening to a BBC documentary on centipedes whenever a build-up to a drop catches me by surprise. The drop sounds dubstep in nature although it contains some serious growls that make you feel like you are being hunted by an army of centipedes (Oh, if that ever happens and you have a loaded pistol with only one magazine, save one bullet for yourself). After the second round of the drop, we are treated to some demonic laughter followed by one of those annoying build ups that is constantly speeding up as it goes on before it leads into the drop again. Also, after watching the music video, the song is better without the last 15-20 seconds tacked on to it, because to me, it sound completely unnecessary and irrelevant to the rest of the track.

3. Bonfire (4:32) - When I first heard this song, I could not understand the lyrics to save my life. Now that I know what they are, I can tell you that they are sexually suggestive in nature. Also, the buildup to the drop on this one is a nice change of pace and it does NOT make me want to claw my brains out. The drop also sounds nice, nothing annoying that I can point out from what I can hear. For once, it's a drop that continues on for a long time and I do not get annoyed by it. The bridge is short, but it wastes no time in getting back to the main song before the bridge drags on for a lengthy time. I can actually enjoy it for what it is.

4. Sleaze (feat. MistaJam) (4:33) - And now we reach the final track on this EP. Like the true saints that Knife Party are, they decide to end this EP with what I consider the worst track off of this EP. The intro sounds OK, but once we reach MistaJam's repeated vocal sample that gets annoying after only three plays because its pitch changes CONSISTENTLY. Try listening to that for 10 minutes straight and not lose your mind. I can bet you $100 that you cannot do it. Also, the drop sounds like it was lazily made and took no time to make. After the main section of the drop, MistaJam's vocals are tolerable for once and do not have pitch correction tacked onto them. After that, the track goes back downhill and is on a downwards collision course with utter shit. Send help.

Ending Statement

So, what we have on our hands is a perfect stage set for disaster once we get into the Haunted House EP. I'm just going to warn you right now, dad, but this upcoming EP is one that is probably going to have you screaming for your sanity, even in heaven. Not even I am going to be able to make it through listening to this final EP without having to take a break to take a breather. Just giving you a heads up.

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