Six Days

The opening.

Are you ready to feel?
- Me when I was playing this game.

This is a review of the flash 8-bit game called One Chance , which was created by Dean Moynihan in 2013.


The story of this game takes place on a Tuesday. The protagonist is named John Pilgrim. Basically, John creates a cure for cancer by destroying the cells. Everyone is happy and praising John for his success. But the next day it is found that the cure doesn't destroy cancer cells; the cure destroys all living cells in living things. You have six days to create a cure for the "cure" or let everything die and screw around and not do work.


I have watched people like Markiplier and others play this game. It looked interesting so I went on Newgrounds and played it. No matter what you do, the game will automatically have a bad ending. Whether you find the cure or not, Dean made this game with a lot of feels. There's pretty much two endings. You can stay with your family and not find a cure, or you can work and make a cure. Either way, you can't escape the feels.

The game is actually pretty interesting. To me, you can play God. But playing God has its own consequences. I wish I could tell you what the consequences are, but that would ruin the whole entire purpose of you guys actually playing the game. So I'm not going to let you do that, but I'll let you play the game instead.

The downside of this game is that you only get one chance to play it. Which I can understand, Dean wanted to do that. But it's a major flaw though. If you screw up you can't redo it. One is to right click on the game and click on "settings" which will bring up the Flash settings. Then click on the folder icon to go to the local storage settings, and disable local storage by moving the slider to the left until it says "None". The other method was to use Google Chrome's "Incognito" mode. Close Google Chrome completely, then launch it again. Click on "Options" (Its the wrench to the right of the address bar) and choose to open a new incognito window. Copy and paste the URL above into the browser. (The directions were copied from this site, which contains spoilers!) I wish that the game allows you to have multiple redo's rather than having you figure out how to get a redo. Other than that flaw, the game is actually great.

Like the rating on Newgrounds, I give the game a 4/5 stars. It's good and sad, but you not being able to restart from the beginning is bad. And there you have it folks. That is my review on this game. I hope you like it. If you wish to play the game yourself, you can do so here.

Reviewed by Fatal Disease