Guys... I did it... I'M CONTRIBUTING. Yes, it's the squirrel. I have here my top five favorite YouTubers and a little bit of information on them. Please correct me if you notice anything I have wrong. I know all of this by memory.



1. xXSlyFoxHoundXx, or Sly/Eddie, is a Puerto Rican gaming YouTuber with 1,267,775 subscribers. His name originated from his ex-girlfriend calling him a sly fox when he avoided her questions and from the fox hound group from Metal Gear Solid (his favorite game series). He has a lot of Minecraft series, but has recently made an announcement that he will start playing other things, since Minecraft is getting old (though he intends on continuing a few Minecraft series).



2. OfficialNerdCubed, or Nerd3/Dan, is an English gaming YouTuber with 2,175,620 subscribers. His name originated from when he ran a subreddit based on a comic he wrote about “NerdCubed”. Dan plays a ton of different games with a sometimes cynical, sometimes immature attitude towards them. One of the more common games that is featured across multiple series on his channel is Grand Theft Auto V. He includes challenge videos as well as small custom minigames he has created with his friend Martyn (InTheLittleWood).



3. Northernlion, or NL/Ryan, is a Canadian gaming YouTuber with 543,441 subscribers. To be honest, I have no idea where his name came from. The most logical guess I can make is that the northern part is in reference to him being Canadian. NL has a love for indie games (especially roguelikes) and The Binding of Isaac (not surprisingly, a roguelike). He has a deep barotone voice and makes a variety of obscure pop culture references. He hosts a show on Machinima called “Poison Mushroom” and also a Stream/Podcast called The Northernlion Live Super Show (NLSS) where he talks with his friends and plays games.


Game Grumps

4. Game Grumps is an American gaming channel with 2,333,085 subscribers. It  hosts a variety of shows ("Game Grumps", "Steam Train", "Steam Rolled", "Grumpcade"). It’s members are Arin, Danny, Ross, Barry, Mortemer, and Kevin. The name of "Game Grumps" originated when the only show on the channel was "Game Grumps" and it was hosted by Arin and Jontron. Arin was usually the calmer, more skeptical one, while Jon was more wild and energetic.



5. Draegast, or Drae, is a Canadian gaming channel with 138,147 subscribers. I have no idea how Drae got his name. I just found his channel recently, but I fell in love with it. Drae plays quite a few indie survival games such as Reign of Kings and Stranded Deep. He also plays a lot of obscure flash games that are quite disturbing in my opinion. Eugh. Drae has the least amount of subscribers out of the five and he makes enough money to fully support himself, which I think is freaking awesome.

List by Spicy Squirrelz