Hello, I am here. Please notice me. Anyways, today the Squirrel is talking about his favorite video games. Here we go.

  1. Shadow of the Colossus - Right here. The very top of the list. Shadow of the Colossus should have a place somewhere on the top of everyone's list. If you haven't played it, play it. This game is absolutely beautiful. It's a gigantic open, beautiful world. There are only 16 enemies in the entire game. It is an action, adventure, puzzle, and platformer game. You want to revive your dead girlfriend and to do so you must slay the 16 colossi. Each one is unique and a new challenge. Your first time playing this game will be amazing. (Quick note to you guys. If you buy it instead of emulating it, get the PlayStation 2 version. The HD remake on the PlayStation 3 made the main character's stumble trigger too touchy and it makes the game virtually impossible to speed run.) Despite this, the game is still beautiful, no matter what console.
  2. The Binding of Isaac - If you read this review, you will know I love this game. It is fun and different every time you play. It is very unique and has a fun twist on the gore and... poop that appears throughout the game. I won't say much, I would prefer you read the review for details.
  3. Risk of Rain - Another game you can read the review on. It is a very fun, and even though the art style is a pixelly cartoony, it is kinda pretty to me. I also really enjoy the pretty back story and end quotes you can unlock that are very well written and they give you feels. Yeah.
  4. Bloody Roar (Every Game) - Bloody Roar is a fighting game series that I might review individually for each game. I can't quite remember the plot, since it's been a while since I played. It started out on the PlayStation 1 and I believe the latest installment is for GameCube. The game's characters all have different fighting styles and they have transformations that let them turn into anthropomorphic animals. There are characters that turn into wolves or leopards or even moles. There are special ones, though. There is (I think his name is Xenon) Xenon who's form is just called "The Unborn" and he turns into this metallic monster thing with a bunch of blades in him. There is also I believe there is Cronus (Is that his name?) and he turns into this little gold armored penguin. He has a catch, though. He is a unlockable boss type of character. He has another transformation that turns him into this big griffon thing and it hurts... a lot...
  5. Prototype (1&2) - Huehuehue. Who doesn't like cutting people into a million pieces for fun? I sure love it! Or maybe you like throwing people like footballs across the city? OR MAYBE JUST KILLING EVERYTHING EVER. Prototype 1&2 are both awesome games *cough* even though 1 is better *cough*. It revolves around Alex Mercer in the first one and another guy in the second. (NAMES ARE HARD). Alex Mercer gets infected by some expiramental warfare disease and it turns him into a super weapon that can kill pretty much anything. (Helicopters and tanks in single attacks etc.). It's a rather confusing story when you haven't played recently, but basically he absorbs people and takes their energy to get access to their memories and find important people to mess up.

That's really it. I'm tired now. I just kinda wanna go eat food. I've gotten eight hours of sleep in three days. *maniacal laughter* Kbye.

List by Spicy Squirrelz