Mirr'rs edge

Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge, a first-person platformer released by EA and DICE, is an action-adventure platform game released on July 10, 2007.

It received mostly positive reviews from critics (81/100 for PC and 79/100 for Xbox 360 and PS3 (Source: Metacritic)), however some critics disagreed with the plot twist ruining the story completely, and I can't say I doubt them with that.

My Experience With Mirror's Edge

I have played Mirror's Edge many many times, 252 to be exact, generally because it is an awesome game. I first played the game back in 2008, not having a clue on what I was going to experience when I put that disk into my PS3. Let me tell you this: I was blown away (no pun intended) by this game. The look, graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, EVERYTHING about this game was bloody amazing.

Pros and Cons


The Graphics - For a game that was made in 2007, oh my fucking God, the graphics in this game are amazing. You wouldn't actually believe that this game was made in 2007 if you played it for yourself.

Gameplay - For beginners, the controls are clutsy as fuck, but further on in the game, you soon adapt to them and learn a full understanding of Faith's (The main protagonist) abilities.

Soundtrack - Please, for the love of God, stop reading this review and go listen to the soundtrack. Words can not describe how warming and amazing the soundtrack is to this game.


The Story - Now although it was a cliché story, I did bite the bullet at some points with the plot twists and one plot twist too many is what really spoiled the game for a number of people. CLEAN AND SIMPLE IS BETTER AND A TWISTED UP PILE OF SH- okay I'm calm now.

The Combat - Yes, in a game where you have to run away, you can fight. Not recommended AT BLOODY ALL, the most bullshit combat system you will ever witness in a video game, literally the amount of times I've died, just trying to fight the bastard police in this, just no.


I absolutely adore Mirror's Edge. Although it doesn't have the best storyline in existence, I'm willing to let it slide and return the game into my good books. The ambience and soundtrack are what really make this game shine. Also the graphics and the architecture are also a big YES for me. My score for this would be 9.7/10.

Reviewed by Mrchrisrocks23