Mario Party 10 is a game released by Nintendo on 20 March 2015 all over the world. It is also the first, probably the last (since NX will be released in 2016-2017), Mario Party on the Wii U. It has amiibo support, and takes a similar route to the previous Mario Party with characters riding around in a kart rather than individually taking turns.


Regular Mario Party

It continues the same gameplay from Mario Party 9, where all the characters ride around in a vehicle, while Bowser is locked away. The player rolls the dice, and if someone gets a certain number of dice (1-6), Bowser is freed and he puts bad luck by placing Bowser spaces.

Bowser Party

A fifth person who takes control of the Wii U controller chases Team Mario around the board. Once captured, the team is put through a minigame in which they lose lives (hearts, if you will).

Amiibo Party

Like the Mario Partys before 9, this has the original gameplay. Four characters race around a small board from a specific Amiibo. Place down Mario on the game pad, you get his maze. Place Peach down, you get her maze. And so on and so forth.


The game has very good graphics, but the gameplay for the regular Mario Party should be the original one--the one that fans want. It leaves you bored after a while from not playing any exciting minigames. It has no internet connection where you can play with other people around the world. The mazes are great though. If Nintendo added the original gameplay and online play, it would be hours that I would be playing this.

We also need more characters. It is great that Donkey Kong made a return after taking a break to help the gang from Mario Party 5 - Mario Party 9, but we only have two new characters--Rosalina and Spike.

Bowser Party is the best concept out of all of them. Bowser as a playable character chasing the gang all over the board, and if he catches you, you're maybe screwed? WOW! The downside is that there's only four mazes to play from. They're the same mazes too.

Amiibo Party has its downsides. It brings back the original Mario Party (red/blue spaces, coins, stars), but the mazes are too short and that you have to lift your amiibo character up and down in order to roll the dice.

Personally, I think that Mario Party 10 should be this:

Regular Mario Party - Original gameplay from 1-8.

Bowser Party - Mario Party 9 gameplay, except with different boards.

Amiibo Party - Either keep it, but make the boards longer and have a better dice rolling option; or scrap it.

Final Review Score: 6/10

Reviewed by Fatal Disease