Haunting Ground (Known as Demento in Japan) is a PS2 exclusive survival horror game. Released on 21 April 2005 in Japan and 10 May 2005 in North America, Haunting Ground has been featured on many top 10 survival horror games lists and so on.

Haunting Ground takes place in Castle Belli, where the player takes control of a Fiona Bell, an 18 year old girl who survives a traumatic car accident and must escape the castle while not being killed/raped by the keepers of the castle. Along the way you meet a German Shepherd named Hewie, who is your assistant and only means of survival during the course of your time in the castle. Hewie is your "weapon" of the game as he can help defend you from the Keepers e.g biting them and mauling them to pieces. What I found unique about this game was not only the setting or the ambiance, but the gameplay itself. The amount of times I nearly shat myself while playing Haunting Ground is too many and it is probably one of the best and most exciting survival horror games that I have ever played. For those of you who adore survival horror, I suggest you give this a try as I can guarantee you will be hugging the next pillow you see while playing this.

The exciting yet horrifying chases and the setting of Haunting Ground really makes it shine out more from the rest of other games and for that reason I'll be giving it a 9.5/10.

Reviewed by Mrchrisrocks23