Summary: A nice change of pace to keep my ears from bleeding.


It's been a while since I've done an actual review on anything. I've been engrossed in doing these top 10/20 lists that it has gotten to the point where it is becoming unhealthy. I've decided to do something with all of my recent Monstercat top 20 lists and do something else that is related to it. What did I decide to do? I am here to bring you my personal thoughts on the Get Crazy EP (2014) by British musician Mustafa Obaidi, also known by his stage name Muzzy.

Unlike the Knife Party EPs, which had 4 tracks each, this EP only has 2 tracks: "Get Crazy" and "Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley)". Don't expect an extended and exhaustive review of each song in order to take up space that would normally be reserved for the other 2 tracks in a traditional EP. Actually, I don't know what I'll do. I'll just play it by ear and just work with what I have. At least I don't have to worry about Nala waking up to yell at me for playing awful music over my computer's speakers. We all know how that went down last time, and I'm still dealing with the aftermath. Anyways, enough about me and her, let's get on with this review.


1. Get Crazy (3:53) - The more intense track of the two (And by that, I mean there's an enormous gap in intensity between them), "Get Crazy" opens with one of Muzzy's signature basslines that gives the listener an adrenaline rush right off the bat. After about 30 seconds, we hear the vocal sample of "Ya'll go crazy" that gets louder as the section goes on before it continues on into the build-up. During the build-up, the bassline goes away for about 20 seconds as the song builds up to a crescendo to the bass drop and all subtlety goes out the window. Sure, I do enjoy this drop for several reasons. The drum patterns are nice to listen to, the vocal sample isn't constantly repeated over and over again to the point where it becomes unbearable, and I couldn't find a single moment during the drop where I didn't find myself dancing. What's not to love about that? After the drop, the bridge is a chilled out section that doesn't make me feel uncomfortable. After the bridge, we are treated to another round of the introduction and drop build-up. However, the second drop build-up is slightly different because of the fact that there is no sound that sounds like a klaxon in the background. For the second drop, it's the same as the first but with a different opening bar. After the second drop, the song goes into the outro and the song ends. Solid tune throughout, Muzzy.

2. Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley) (6:16) - Although this song is labeled as drum and bass, it is an example of a more chilled out version of the subgenre. The song begins soft and makes you feel relaxed for the first 45 seconds before Charlotte Colley's vocals kick in. Her voice is beautiful to listen to and the lyrics do have a deeper meaning behind them, but I think the song had these lyrics to make the listener think about what they represent. After we're treated to a guitar section (Similar to the opening of Pendulum's "Girl in the Fire"), we are treated to an interesting drop for a drum and bass track. To me, the song has a small influence of trap drowned in a drop that is slower than your normal DnB drop. After the drop, you barely even know that you're over halfway through this song. We are then treated to Colley's vocals again repeating the first verse of the song but with it over the song's introduction segment instead of its original backing segment. During the last minute of the song, we are treated to an extended version of the drop as the song fades out and the song becomes breakbeat as the song dies out.


Ending Statement

I think that was some of the best 10 minutes of my life. Given the fact that this been my first review in a while, I do have some experience that I need to get back since I have been a little rusty on my reviewing. Since I needed something to give my ears a break from the last reviews I wrote, I figured I'd listening to something short and sweet to listen to. Congratulations, Muzzy, you have managed to give me something that is worth listening to. I could use you in helping me out around the Pride Lands sometime (Don't take that literally).

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