Hey, everyone. It’s me again. The squirrel kid. Today is going to be a game review day! Today’s review will be over…*pause for effect*... The Binding of Isaac, Vanilla, Wrath of the Lamb (the expansion), and Rebirth (the remake).

Game Information

Let’s get this started. What is The Binding of Isaac? Well, it is an indie game from 2011 that features 7 playable characters, the main one being a naked crying baby named Isaac. In the beginning, your weapons of choice are your tears.

There is a lot about the whole series that has taken off from this game. It started off as a game based around flash, so it couldn’t do much. There was still a ton of content even though it was based around a shitty system. There was even a DLC for it called, The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb”. The game already had a bunch of bosses, items, and floors. but the expansion added more floors, alternate floors, more bosses and 98 new items. Vanilla Isaac and WotL will always be a classic in my eyes, but the remake ‘Rebirth’ is definitely a step forward.

Speaking of Rebirth, it has gotten very popular very fast. The creator is already talking about this game’s DLC. It will be called Afterbirth. This means that after the DLC is released, the game will have 400-500+ items in the game, plus like, 10+ characters. It’s also gonna add new challenges and synergies(a synergy is when you get two or more special items that combine to make a much more powerful attack/a cool looking one).



Harbingers (4 Horsemen Bosses)

Now I guess it is time for my opinion on the game itself. I think the game is absolutely fantastic. The older version or the newer version. The game keeps up with staying extremely challenging, but also being very fun and interesting. It features 60 bosses (as of Rebirth), about 10 floors (excluding alternate floors), hundreds and hundreds of items and combos, and a humorous aspect to it all. In my opinion, this game is extremely fun and interesting and something I’ll never get tired of.The game also features alternate endings, hard mode, and challenges. If you ever DO get bored, just play a challenge.


7 Deadly Sins (MiniBosses)

(NOTE: The game features some nasty shit. Be warned.)

Alright, that’s it. I’m done for now. I’ll see everyone in the next review!

Reviewed by Spicy Squirrelz