Which do you prefer?

What's up guys. I hope your day's going well. It's everyone's favorite Conformist. Today I'm going to settle the debate between Watch Dogs and Grand Theft Auto V (Better known as GTA V). Both are next gen, open world adventure games. And before I even start, GTA V WINS. FATALITY.

Okay, let's explain why. Both open worlds were extremely large and immersive and it's not like Watch Dogs completely wasted the overworld, but there still wasn't a whole lot to do in it. On the other hand, the investigations and privacy invasions posed as a fun thing to do in the game other than hacks.

And some delivered well, but most felt slow and frustrating, as the connect all the blue lines to the diamond or unlock every switch console was often very difficult, and the results were rarely satisfying.

The gameplay only differs in the sense that in Watch Dogs, you get to hack. Though a lot of time this is fun, most of the time it's not really required. Like, you don't really have to hack, but if you want to really fuck with people then you'd enjoy the hacking mechanic.

The realism is nice in both games. For example, in GTA V, the physics engine makes people act realistically to gunshots. For example, shooting someone in the stomach will make them grasp their midsection and step back due to the force of the shot. Also, the car accidents impact your vehicle realistically. Unlike in Watch Dogs, where the bodies can occasionally freeze up then disappear and you can hit the wall multiple times before the car would even dent.

And the vehicles? Along with the weapons? In GTA V, there's a huge variety of both. In Watch Dogs, you get cars. That's... that's it. And since these are open world games and story isn't really explored, I won't go into that.

The bottom line? If you had to choose between the two games, pick GTA V. It's a good game, and so is Watch Dogs, but I'm sure you'd like GTA V a lot better. So, that's the debate, hope you liked it and please be kind to one another. Bye bye.

Opinion by Rebel of Rebellion