Hi, and welcome to another game review. This time, I'll be reviewing Far Cry 4, the newest Far Cry game that came out for the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on 18 November 2014 in North America and 20 November 2014 in the Middle East and Australia.


The game takes place in Kyrat, a fictitious place inspired by the regions of Nepal and The Himalayas. In the game we take control of Ajay Ghale, a man born in Kyrat but that grew up in the United States with his mother. After his mother's death, Ajay returns to Kyrat to spread her ashes in Lakshmana, but Ajay ends up in the middle of a civil war and joins the Golden Path, a group of rebels who promised him that they'll help in his mission to spread his mother's ashes.

The Golden Path has two leaders, Amita and Sabal. Sabal is the one who wants Kyrat to remain as it is and preserve its traditions, unlike Amita, who wants to modernize Kyrat. The player can choose on who's side he/she wishes to stay.

And we have Pagan Min and the Royal Army. The Royal Army rules over Kyrat and controls a big part of it and forces the people of Kyrat to be loyal to Pagan Min.

Pagan Min is the antagonist of the game, he is the oppressive leader of Kyrat who betrayed the Royalists (the old rulers of Kyrat) along with Yuma and took over the throne.

My opinion

To me, the story really feels kinda more weak if you compare it to FC3's story, but the reason for that isn't because of how simple it is. It's because of the characters. Ajay might as well get an award for being the most boring protagonist of 2014. If you compare Ajay with Jason Brody from FC3, you'll see a huge step backwards. Jason made jokes, talked, got angry, got sad, he had a personality. Ajay just does whatever he is told to do and most of his dialogue are just questions and things like "okay, I did what you told me to do".

For me, the only character who had a strong personality was Pagan Min. Pagan constantly contacts Ajay, but instead of insulting him for his choices, he shows sympathy and ambivalence. Although I still like Vaas over Pagan, I have to say Pagan will be a memorable protagonist.

Gameplay: The gameplay is similar to Far Cry 3. The player can hunt animals to create upgrades for his equipment, collect herbs to make certain kinds of syringes that can not only heal, but also give boosts like more oxygen so you can sprint for more time or dive for more time, boosts that can reveal NPCs around the player without the use of the camera (yes, the magical camera from FC3 that marks enemies is back) and others.

We can also hunt rare animals in side quests (like in FC3) and we can also do the courier missions after we disable a tower (that much like in FC3, uncovers a part of the map). The Hostage Rescue missions from FC3 are also back and we also have escort missions where we stay on top of a truck, protecting it as it reaches its destination.

We also now have random events in the game, such as rebels fighting against Royal Army soldiers, Royal Army couriers who we must take out and loot, trucks filled with supplies that we can destroy or steal and etc. By doing these random events, we get karma points. These karma points gives you discounts when buying stuff such as weapons.

Much like in FC3, we can also gain XP and upgrade two skill trees. The Elephant tree and The Tiger tree. The Elephant tree focuses more on defense and The Tiger focuses more on offense. With The Elephant tree, though, we can purchase the Elephant Rider skill, that allows us to ride elephants that destroy anything in its paths.

We now have co-op. The second player takes control of Hurk, a character who was in the Monkey Business DLC for FC3. When in co-op, we can do anything we want except the main campaign missions, but we can take over strongholds and outposts.

Strongholds are where other antagonists of the main storyline reside. We can take those strongholds after weakening them by doing campaign missions.

We also now have a gyrocopter called Buzzer, which looks a lot like a Bensen B-8.

We can also now shoot while driving.

A large part of the gameplay has been copied and pasted from FC3, but, we still have new stuff, such as the ability to ride elephants and also the new karma points, but still, sometimes I'm playing the game and I just feel like I am playing an expansion pack for FC3 with better graphics.


My opinion

Applause, please. Far Cry 4 was one of the few games where I was like "DUDE, THESE GRAPHICS" while playing. I never really cared about graphics in a game, but in this game, I was just amazed by what I was seeing.

Other Stuff

Soundtrack: Listen.

My opinion:

The game has a great OST that really fits what it is about. Sadly, though, some nice songs that play during certain activities are not in the OST.

Glitches: I've had very few glitches while playing the game. One of them was when I found a floating dead body in that classic standard position. You know, the one with two arms stretched diagonally while standing perfectly still. And also a few floating objects. But, I never had any game breaking bug or anything like that.

Artificial Intelligence: In battle, the A.I is pretty good, they flank, they take cover and etc. Out of battle, though, it's not. There were many times I saw a civilian or a Golden Path soldier crossing the road, only to be ran over by a car who didn't even stop.

Other: Driving: Driving in this game is okay, there is nothing really special about it, other that you can enable an auto-pilot mode that makes Ajay follow the road he's driving on without flinging himself off a hill. You can also set a waypoint in the map and enable auto-pilot mode so that Ajay can drive there. It's really nice.

Physics: Physics here are just like in Far Cry 3. They're mediocre. Bodies react like statues covered in soap, trees and plants don't react when shot or grenaded (they react slightly, but not as realistic as in FC2). Fire is still dynamic, though.

Complaints: Reused animations: Something I've noticed since the first trailer of the game is that Ajay uses the same animations from FC3, with the only change being his model. All movements are copied and pasted from FC3. I dislike this, since every FC game excluding this one had different animations. FC4, though, is not the only game to do this. SR4 does the same thing and some other sins (since the game is actually SR3.5), but maybe we'll talk about that in another review.

Final Thoughts

Far Cry 4, although very similar to its predecessor, is still an okay game. A nice story with stunning graphics and good gameplay, but with uninteresting characters and not a lot of new features.

My score is a 7/10.

Thank you for reading.


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Reviewed by Synthwave