"So, if we mix enough of Chemical A with Chemical B..."


"... it will abruptly explode in our faces." Mr. Karazaku coughed. Ikumi Karazaku was a man who was older than he looked, with smooth features. He wore a lab coat everywhere he went, and never traveled without his signature pair of scissors. Most of the time (despite the Principal's objections) he was smoking a cigarette. His dark brown hair was shoulder length. "I think that's enough for today. Class dismissed."

Yuzu Kurosaki was an 18 year old high school student, with blonde hair bound in pig tails. She opened the door of the classroom, walking out slowly. Karin was probably already home; she was going to do as she always did, get home and cook up an after-school meal.

She jogged down the street lightly, on her feet cheerfully humming to herself.

A voice came from behind. "Yuzu Kurosaki?"

She turned around. "Yes?"

Something cut her across the chest. Blood fell from her body as the man in front of her spoke.

"Please know that your brother will always remember the name: Legate 1A¹: Impressionante Man."

His sword almost came down, until someone blocked it. She couldn't see who as she passed out...

Yuzu woke up. "Where... am I?" She attempted to sit up, only to be stopped.

"Don't move yet. You'll disrupt the beat of the stabilizing kido," the familiar voice of a girl from school held her down.

"Hey... you're that exchange student from America."

"Yup! Akiza Terra's the name, dubstep's mai game! Anyhow, just hold up a couple secs. Mr. Karazuka will be here in just a minute." Akiza bore electric blue hair, with an outfit you'd expect from a DJ. She was pretty, wearing purple sunglasses and carrying a set of blue headphones around her neck. Her voice was a fake tomboyish voice, possibly just because it was her style.

"Mr. Scissors and Cigs? Could you please tell me where I am?"

"Well... you're at his house. But... uh... you're kinda..."

"Dead." The chemistry teacher walked through the door, spinning his signature pair of scissors on his index finger.

"I'm... what?!"

"Dead. The togabito's sword killed ya. We couldn't stabilize you in time before your soul left your body. Fortunately enough, since your soul was unconscious, Mrs. Akiza was able to get you here. Which is kinda important, considering what you are. But, you won't have to worry about Mr. Impressionante anymore..."

Impressionante was laying in the grass of the park, beginning to dissolve into dust. Cuts adorned his body as he laid in a pool of his own blood. A dog walked up to him, and began to lick his hand.

"Goddamn dog... Goddamn scissors..."

He dissolved into dust not long after.

Yuzu looked at her outfit. She was garbed in a black kimono with a white trim. Beside her was a katana, sheathed in a purple sheath, with red string adorning the handle. The cross-guard was a golden color, circular shaped, adorned with moon shaped holes on both sides.

"This... isn't my uniform."

"It is now. You ain't a high school gal anymore, Yuzu!" Akiza said cheerfully. "You're what they call a Soul Reaper!"

"Specifically, a natural soul reaper. You've had powers since... well, you were born. They were just inactive, which prevented you from being able to see spirits or sense Spiritual Pressure. That being said, the moment that Togabito killed you, they activated. This hasn't happened in over 2,400 hundred years."

Yuzu was utterly confused. She paid attention to the explanation the two people in front of her gave her. They explained the concept of Soul Reapers, the Gotei 13, Hollows, and all, noting each and every individual concept to her.

But that being said, did her brother know? Her dad? Her sister?

"What about my family? Do they know?"

"They know about Soul Reapers. They don't know you are one. I'll tell you this though; you ain't the first. Although, I highly doubt your dad and brother will be happy to see you on the battlefield with them."

That was a wham line.

"Anyhow, that's enough talk. We've got training to begin."


"Yes. Akiza, kindly show Yuzu the basement, please. I'll meet you down there in thirty minutes."

"Hey, Akiza?"


"Who are you two?"

"Heh. You'd be surprised. I'll tell ya along the way. Doubt Scissors and Cigs is gonna mind."

Some point between 150 to 200 years ago:

The Captains had gathered in the hall for the meeting. Light discussion of current events happened as was the norm, before the Head Captain, Shigekuni Yamamoto called for attention. Akiza, donned in the shihauksho and the white haori of Squad 3, stood beside Karakuza, who bore the same uniform, only for Squad 5.

"We have gathered here today due to some very odd occurences somewhere in the vicinity of Tokyo. Odd figures, many with burned chains attached to their chest and adorned with masks have been attacking residents of the Human World. I have therefore decided to dispatch two Captains on an investigation: Captain Akiza Terra of Squad 3, and Captain Ikumi Karakuza of Squad 5. You and your lieutenants are to be dispatched to gather information in order to combat this threat. 3rd seats Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi and Shinji Hirako will manage your Squads in the meantime."

Ikumi pondered. "Forgive my transgression, Head Captain, but certainly the threat isn't so great as to require our assistance, is it?"

"Previous unseated officers were sent as well as members of the Stealth Force. None have come back alive. It is with this information in mind that I have deemed you both to be the best possible option to resecure the world of the living." The Captain Commander replied, stoically. "Note that this is an investigation of highest priority, so you will not be traveling to the Human World with power limiters. Should you encounter a threat, dispatch it immediately. You are dismissed."

The two captains left after the line of others walked away. Exiting the first division barracks, they encountered a small, timid girl and a young, robust man. Both had their zanpakutos at their side and bore their lieutenant badges.

The male had dark blue hair, down over his eyes. They were a confident brown, and the man bore probably the biggest grin of the century. This was the lieutenant of Squad 3: Jusho Kadeka.

The girl, lieutenant of Squad 5, Nimina Taikomi, was small and robust. Though shy, she was energetic. Her bright pink hair was bound back in a ponytail, and she sat on the railing with a small smile as her Captain approached.

"Good to see you're both here. Spares us a walk back to the barracks."

"Oh... Are... Are we in trouble?"

"Not at all, Nimina." Ikumi replied. "Actually, it's a mission. Why would you assume you're in trouble?"

"OH, nothing." the girl blushed. He would worry about it when they got back.

The group emerged through the Senkaimon. They walked through the outskirts of Tokyo, with villagers going about their daily business, taking no notice of the oddly-dressed samurai walking through their midsts. Of course, not that they could.

Suddenly, a roar.

"Swords out, now!" Ikumi shouted, and they hopped up to the top of the buildings. Jumping across roofs, they were soon confronted with the scene of a terrified little girl running from a Hollow.

Ikumi raised his blade, and Akiza stopped him.

"Nah, I got this," she raised her sword, putting her hand on the back of the blade. "Drop, Shindō Burēdo.²"

The sword became decorated in a red and blue string, extending up the blade tightly. She pointed it at the Hollow.

"Hāfu kyūkei³."

The Hollow's speed slowed to a crawl. It roared as the girl came into the arms of the Captain of Squad 5. Akiza walked up to it.

"Ya probably wonderin what's goin' on, aren't ya, big guy?" she asked sarcastically. "Here, I'll tell ya: my Zanpakuto has the ability to control vibrations on a subatomic level. By controlling vibrations, I control the speed and volume of which you move and speak. What I've done here is basically halve the speed of the vibrations in your body - in other words, I've halved the speed at which you can move. Any last words?"

The hollow roared again in response. Akiza jumped into the air, slicing across its mask. The Hollow fell dead, dissolving into nothingness.

"That's what I thought." She turned her head to Ikumi. "How's tha girl?"

"She's a plus! I'll perform Konso." Ikumi replied. He looked at the girl. "What's your name, little one?"

"Hiyori... Hiyori Sarugaki."

"Well, Hiyori. Here's what I gotta do. I'm gonna tap ya on the head with mai sword..." He put the hilt up and tapped himself in the head with it. "... Just like this. You won't feel anything from it, but you'll get to go to a special place, okay? Don't be scared. Just trust me."


"Ya know, you seem like a strong girl. Maybe you'll be one of us someday, how's that sound?"


"Yeah, it does! Hold still." he touched her forehead with his zanpakuto, and sent her to pass on in the afterlife that was the Soul Society.

Akiza walked up to him, as he wore a smile on his face. "You and children, Ikumi. You and children."

"I've always liked children, Akiza. It's just part of my personality. They are the future, after all!" he laughed.

"Captain!" Nimina came up behind him. "Three men have been spotted with chains corresponding to the description you gave us! And they've got an Academy Student -identified as Sosuke Aizen - hostage!"

The Captains nodded. "Let's go."

1.Legate 1A: Legate 1: The Awesome
2. Shindō Burēdo - Literally "Vibration Blade." Akiza can use it to control vibrations on a subatomic level, even to the point of making a pin drop sound like a nuclear explosion, or slowing the target due to putting objects in motion to rest by stopping or decreasing their vibrations.
3. Hāfu kyūkei - Literally "Half Rest." The technique allows Akiza to halve the speed at which the target subatomic particles vibrate. This, in turn, halves the speed at which the target can move.

Written by Senjumaru Shutara

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