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Adam Buckley in "Baking with Buckley - Throatclosers"


Adam Buckley, better known by his YouTube channel A Dose of Buckley, is a Canadian comedian (Based out of London, Ontario) that uses YouTube as his platform for releasing his content. He started posting content on the video sharing service on 13 December 2009. Some of his first videos that he created were commercial parodies (With his Leather Daddy's Furniture commercial parody being his first ever video), which he still does today, though they are rare. He first gained notoriety in 2010 with the inaugural edition of his "Ten Worst Songs of 20xx" series. His most viewed video is the 2011 edition of this series, which has over 9.9 million views (as of 27 May 2015).

Some of the features that he has created include the following:

  • A Dose of Buckley (Core series)
  • Ten Worst Songs of 20xx (Most popular)
  • Musical Autopsy
  • Advice No One Asked For
  • PlentyOfPricks (His newest series)

He has also posted 2 series of Nerd Rants and and audiobook titled You Are Not Special, which are his attempts at releasing premium content.

On numerous occasions, he has stated that he is not a "YouTuber" and does not plan on monetizing his videos. He earns his income through his job as a radio host and through his premium content and merchandise.

Personal Thoughts

I started watching this comedian in early 2013 when I came across his "Ten Worst Songs of 2011" video. Ever since, I have been a huge fan of him and I enjoy whenever he releases his weekly video. Some of my personal favorites include his rants on his views on Kanye West, how Nintendo sees its fans as morons, useless comments on YouTube, and on movies based off of comic books. As a whole, A Dose of Buckley is a channel that deserves all of the subscribers that it has gotten over the years because of Adam's undeniable knowledge of modern culture and is an expert on how to describe which songs are terrible and why.




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